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What’s with the Name? Why We’re Called Cull Group

People sometimes ask us why we’re called Cull Group, and it requires a little imagination. If you think about it, cull and group are two verbs that don’t usually go together. Just imagine that we’re culling to separate the good from the bad, and grouping together good ideas and productive strategies. In that case, Cull Group sure fits who we are. We’re evolving with our industry, trying new methods, keeping strategies that are proven to succeed, and wrapping everything up into a nice package for our clients. Cull Group. It’s better than some of the companies out there that just seem to put random words together. At least we’re not Motorcycle Mutton Marketing or Delightful Dinosaurs Design. Actually Delightful Dinosaurs Design sounds kind of cool.


Our Mid-Century Marketing Manufactory

We spent over twenty years in the "Mustard Mansion" on College Ave in the Heritage Hill neighborhood. It was a beautiful house and a fun place to work, but we found that we needed a bigger, more collaborative space as our team grew. No longer the five-person condensed marketing powerhouse that we were a few years ago, we’ve added several people to our team and have evolved both in our abilities and in our personality. We needed room to do important marketing stuff (like ping-pong, juggling, showing off our art), and we wanted to be where the action is. Located at 1432 Wealthy St SE in Grand Rapids, MI, we’ve got everything a cool and cultured marketing agency could want: parking, a delicious array of eateries, and a modern space where we are constantly inspired to do our best work. Don’t feel bad about asking to meet us at our place. We know it’s awesome, and we'll make you coffee.

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