Professional Photography

At Cull Group, we have all of the capabilities of a full photography studio—well, because we have a full photography studio (and an experienced photographer). What's better than finding a stock image to fit your design? Having the ability to take the perfect shot that is personal to your company and specific to your message. On top of our photography capabilities, we have decades of experience working with video production and videography. Whether you need staff photos, images of your products, drone photography, or a professional video, we can do it all in-house.

Old Orchard Pomegranate Juice LabelRetail | Juices & Concentrates

Our in-house photographer shot fruit and backgrounds for the 100% Pomegranate Juice label which we designed for Old Orchard.

Old Orchard Fruit & Veggie PhotographyRetail | Juices & Concentrates

We used models in a specialty kitchen setting to create the Fruit & Veggie photography for Old Orchard.

Country Dairy Milk Label PhotographyRetail | Milk & Dairy

Cull Group shot custom photography and designed these labels for Country Dairy's new line of single-serve milk bottles.

Michigan Wheel Propeller PhotographyManufacturing | Marine

Cull Group shot photography for Michigan Wheel to showcase propulsion and marine maneuverability systems for their new website.

RW Bakers Sticky Bun PhotographyWholesale | Breads & Baked Goods

Yum! We had to restrain ourselves from devouring the subject of this photography session—sticky buns from RW Bakers.

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