Clients: The Company We Keep

It’s okay to admit that you want us to namedrop some of our most notable clients. Who we work with says a lot about who we are and what we’re capable of. We want people to know that we make a great extension to a large company’s marketing department because we are so specialized and still versatile in what we can accomplish quickly with low overhead. Then again, we don’t want any sole proprietors or small businesses to feel left out. For the sake of fulfilling your curiosity, check out our work section to see some of our most recognizable clients and the work we’ve done for them.

Old Orchard is a Michigan company that offers over 100 different juice products available at stores around the globe.

JR Automation designs, builds, and integrates advanced automation solutions for manufacturers' operational and productivity needs across the world.

GreenMark Equipment is the premier John Deere dealership network of Southwestern Michigan and Northern Indiana. 

Orion Construction is a multi-service construction company, active throughout the Midwest, with resources to handle projects of any size and complexity.

Spring Meadow Nursery develops flowering shrub genetics and liners using cutting edge graphic imaging and robotics to ensure the highest quality of every shrub.

Dr. John's Healthy Sweets is a Grand Rapids, Michigan company that produces and distributes specialty sugarless sweets on a global scale.

Oliver Packaging & Equipment is a Grand Rapids, Michigan company that has been developing and manufacturing innovative meal solutions for diverse markets since 1890. 

Michigan Turkey Producers offers a wide variety of turkey and chicken products to meet every occasion, taste, and sales channel.

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