Meet the Team

You may notice from our website or from visiting our office that we’re a unique bunch. Though we’re all special snowflakes, we’ve got a few things in common: we love what we do, we love where we work, and we are all over-achievers. Yes, we sometimes have to reel ourselves back in (we’re talkers—it’s a sign of a fun team that gets along), but we’re always digging deep into our work, finding a way to make magic and exceed expectations while taking some time now and then to look around and make sure we're heading in the right direction. Want to know more about who we are so that you are confident we’ll work well together? Just ask!

Jefferson Seaver

Chancellor of Brandification
Thinks pools are best used for skateboarding

Matt Licata

Web Developer
Code Crimefighter
Slings webs like a superhero

Stacey Harper

Draws to express her inner cat

Heather Yarbrough

VP of Accounts and Operations
Swiss Army Admin
Thinks history is a dish best served old

Sara Pionke

Graphic Designer
Creative Instigator
Likes to draw between the lines

Alicia Petit

Digital Marketing Strategist
Optimistic Optimizer
Finds enlightenment in Google's indexes

Ben Schumitz

Office Coordinator
Organizer of organization
Organizes thoughts with paint

Cathy Seaver

Social Shutterbug
Thinks the best hours of life are spent in
the saddle


Office Mascot
Director of Barketing
Thinks quick brown foxes are overrated

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