Packaging Design

Upping Perceived Value

Effective packaging design makes your product eye-catching and unavoidably enticing to buyers. You only get one chance to make a first impression meaning what's on the outside makes all the difference.

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Country Dairy

12oz Milk Labels

Country Dairy's new milk bottle labels for the 12oz beverages were created by Cull Group with special consideration for their distribution in schools.





Whitehall Products

Ergo Tools Packaging

Cull Group designed the packaging for Whitehall Products Ergo Tools line of gardening implements. Whitehall Products has an extensive catalog of items that need distinctive and clear packaging that uniformly convey the company's brand standards.





Old Orchard Juices

Juice & Concentrate Labels

These chilly juice blend concentrates created by Old Orchard are outfitted with poppin' packaging thanks to Cull Group!

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