3D, Animation, and Interactive Games

There are times when a design needs to exist in more than two dimensions. Sometimes a picture doesn't capture the whole story, or couldn't possibly capture everything you need to convey. Other times, the best way to reach your audience is to have them interact directly via games or other engaging pieces. As your friendly full-service marketing agency and design studio, we can develop 3D illustrations, animation, games, and more. Whether it's getting the whole informational story out there or just showing your fans that you know how to have fun, we can help.

Old Orchard Pop-Up AnimationRetail | Juices & Concentrates

Old Orchard has over 100 different juice and beverage products available at stores around the globe. We created a pop-up animation to showcase the Old Orchard brand in a fun and creative way.

Granco Clark VideoManufacturing | Aluminum Extrusion

Granco Clark has become recognized worldwide for its exceptional service to the aluminum extrusion industry. Cull Group created video to showcase Granco Clark products and service capabilities for their aluminum extrusion equipment.

Old Orchard Fruit Sense AnimationRetail | Juices & Concentrates

Old Orchard created a line of fruit juice cocktails called Fruit Sense, featuring reduced-calorie flavor blends. Cull Group created a video animation for the Fruit Sense line. 

Cole's Tasty Tailgate Campaign VideoRetail | Breads & Baked Goods

Cole’s distributes its bread products in grocery stores nationwide, and regularly participates in community events to feature their products. The Tasty Tailgate tour was a campaign used to promote Cole's breads at sporting events. Part of the campaign included a Tasty Tailgate video that Cull Group created.

Old Orchard Jumbotron VideoRetail | Juices & Concentrates

We created a video for Old Orchard to promote their juices at events on the big screen—Jumbotron!

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